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Turkey's Largest Capital Firms

Turkey's Largest Capital Firms

Defining "largest" in the context of capital firms can be done in a few ways, depending on what aspect you're most interested in. Here are some interpretations and the leading contenders based on each:

By Assets Under Management (AUM):

Türkiye Wealth Management (TWM): 
Established in 2016, TWM is a subsidiary of the sovereign wealth fund, Türkiye Wealth Fund (TVF). With over $200 billion in AUM, it's the undisputed leader in Turkey.

Erdoğan Kapalıçarşı Portföy Yönetimi A.Ş.: 
Founded in 1990, this independent asset manager boasts over $60 billion in AUM, making it a significant player in the market.

Ziraat Yatırım: 
As the investment arm of Ziraat Bank, Turkey's largest state-owned bank, Ziraat Yatırım manages over $40 billion in AUM. 

By Fundraising Capital:

Actera Group: 
This leading venture capital firm in Turkey has raised over $1 billion in capital across its various funds. 

Earlybird Venture Capital:
Established in 2004, Earlybird has a strong track record in early-stage and growth-stage technology investments, with over $800 million in capital raised. 

Founded in 2011, 212 focuses on growth-stage technology investments and has raised over $600 million in capital. 

By Number of Investments:

Alesta Yatırım: 
This active investor made 56 investments in 2021 alone, primarily focusing on early-stage and growth-stage startups. 

Earlybird Venture Capital: 
With a focus on building leading technology companies in Turkey, Earlybird has a portfolio of over 50 active investments.

Blumenthal Investment Bank: 
Known for its diverse investment strategy, Blumenthal boasts over 40 active portfolio companies across various sectors. 
It's important to note that the "largest" firm can vary depending on the chosen criteria. Each firm has its own strengths, focus areas, and investment strategies. Ultimately, the best capital firm for you depends on your specific needs and goals.

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