What is Capital?

What is Capital?

The definition of capital in finance and economics is different from each other. capital in economics; It is defined as physical tools such as machinery and factories used to produce goods. If capital in financial markets; It is expressed as money and financial products such as convertible stocks, bonds and bills.

The concept of capital is very important for investors who trade in financial markets. Because capital is indispensable for an investment.

What is capital management?

Capital management; It can be explained as the correct management of existing capital. The point to be considered here is that the capital to be invested is not the required amount. If you invest the amount you need, your capital may be at risk in any mistake. Therefore, you should evaluate your capital in the right investment tools and act with a good investment strategy. So, where should you invest your capital? Forex is a financial market where you can evaluate your capital. In the Forex market; You can easily trade in foreign currency, oil, gold, stocks, indices and many other investment instruments with one click, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can take advantage of investment opportunities by trading in the world's largest financial market Forex.

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