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What is Bitcoin and what makes it valuable

What is Bitcoin and what makes it valuable?

Bitcoin, as we mentioned in our previous two articles on the subject, is the first cryptocurrency to fall into the definition we gave above. The feature that distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies and allows us to accept Bitcoin as a form of 'money' today is that it can be used instead of physical money in the market. Today, although their number is not high yet, alternatives to large companies in the service sector, such as, Airbnb's competitor in Europe, or airBaltic, which is not one of the well-known airline companies, have been accepting Bitcoin in their transactions for a long time. In fact, since the value of Bitcoin is predicted to increase in the future, a joke is made for those who shop with these companies, "if not today, in the future, you can say that I had the most expensive vacation".

The use of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies that followed it, gives the user the most sought-after feature in the financial world, namely the feeling of trust. As a result of this sense of trust, it is highly likely that it will be accepted by banks, traders, institutions and individuals over time and can be used in every field without distinction between transactions. Therefore, the faster and more widely cryptocurrencies become a valid payment method, the more valuable they will be perceived.

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