What is Pip, Tick?

What is Pip, Tick?

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In Forex markets, pip is the smallest price step. The full opening is point in percentage. In the majority of the parities, one pip is one tenth of the price of the corresponding currency pair. The concept of pip is often used in profit / loss calculations or spread calculations in forex markets. The concept of pip is also expressed as tick in forex transactions. Tick ​​is also the last step in the price.




QNB Finansinvest The spread between the buying and selling prices of the forex traders trading on the Metatrader 4 platform is called spread. This difference is calculated in pip. If you need to go through the following screen display; The 0.00003 value resulting from 1.12195 – 1.12192 is read as 0.3 pips.


Tick ​​is 3 ticks. Some of the instruments traded on the Forex market are priced at 5 digits, so the last house is ticked. For example, suppose gold prices are 1380.20 – 1380.40. In this case the difference between the two prices is specified as 0.20 pips and 20 ticks.


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