USD / JPY reacts to 110.70 support

USD / JPY reacts to 110.70 support

On the first trading day of the week on the Japanese new forex market, it maintained its gains against the dollar. USD / JPY, which is down 0.05%, continues to be affected by the weaker dollar in global markets. During the Asian hours, the Japanese reading PMI for the month of July came in at the level of 52.2 and there was no significant effect on the parity. In the US wing, PMI figures will be followed today. It is also expected that Trump’s brother-in-law, Kusher, will testify at the Intelligence Committee behind closed gates. It would be beneficial to monitor these developments closely for the course of the US dollar, which is under the negative pressure of political risks.


Technical Analysis: The USD / JPY pair has retreated to 110.70, indicating a significant level. If the upside movement of the parity shaped at 111.00 with this point buy reaction continues, 111.90 level can be seen as the first resistance point. However, breaking down the support level below 110.75 may lead to an increase in downward sales pressure.


Resistance: 111.90 / 1112.75 / 113.50

Support: 110.70 / 111.00 / 109.20

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