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Forex History – 4

Forex History – 4


By the 90’s, thanks to the Free Floating Exchange System, the foreign exchange market moved as never before. While the tool was used to exchange currency and to get the right price, the internet started to be able to buy and sell at the beginning of the day.

In January 1999;

The Euro was first introduced to the market as the European Currency Unit (ECU).

11 The European Union country has decided to keep its national currency values ​​stable relative to the euro.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has become the institution that has experienced the foreign exchange policy for the European Union.


Forex History – 3

Forex History – 3

Euro is working to get rid of the dollar

The Smithsonian Agreement, which allowed for a fluctuating band for currencies, was signed in 1971.

The aim was to make Europe more independent of the dollar. The agreement in particular allowed the exchange rate to fluctuate more broadly than the Bretton Woods system. Foreign exchange prices were allowed to fluctuate up to 4.5%, up and down in agreed parities.


Developed countries are abandoned from the fixed exchange rate system linked to the dollar and switched to the free exchange rate regime where the exchange rates are determined by the market. As a result, the, which constitutes today’s Forex market, emerged.

Who can trade on the Forex market?

Who can trade on the Forex market?
The market offers the same opportunities for all kinds of small, medium and large-scale investors.

If the answer is the question of who invests in the most basic form of the Forex market,

Individual investors, institutional firms, commodity traders, speculators.

Individual investors can try to take advantage of the best movements in the underlying spot markets of investing in the

forex market and to evaluate their money in advantageous forms. The forex market represents the best market for the accumulation of savings in terms of safe, short-term and easy transaction

Institutional investors, especially banks, aim to take advantage of the risk of exchange risks arising from the company’s activities beca

use of their trading on the forex market.

Traders, especially those who trade commodities such as precious metals and industrial metals, are required to be protected by the minimum risk of fluctuations in the price movements of these products.

Speculators, as in other financial markets, should have the goal of generating income by making use of price fluctuations. The fluctuations in the Forex market are more profitable than the stock market and other markets.

The trading features of the forex market have the same advantageous transaction characteristics for each investor as they are suitable for every kind of investor. The size of your deposit amount gives you memberships like VIB, but you can make the best investment in the forex market if you are a small-scale investor.


What is FOREX?

What is FOREX?

The shortest definition of Forex market; Taking the currency of one country, selling the currency of another country at the same time, and making a profit from the difference between buying and selling. It is a global market that is managed all over the world and can be operated online 24 hours a day, 5 days a week except weekends.

Let’s open the subject from a slightly wider angle

Forex, the international financial market, is the first syllable of Foreign Exchange words. In this market, which is considered as the biggest and most liquid financial market in the world, precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, Agricultural products such as cotton, corn, soy, cocoa; Metals such as aluminum, copper; Commodities such as oil, natural gas; Stocks and stock market indices; A wide range of investment instruments, including CFDs, are traded.