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Shoulder Head Shoulder Formation

Shoulder Head Shoulder Formation

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The shoulder – head – shoulder formation is a technical anazliz formation which indicates the end of up trend and symbolizes the trend change when it occurs. Shoulder to shoulder formation is frequently encountered in technical analysis and reliability is at the top of high technical formations. This formation is one of the trend reversal formations with a high degree of reliability. It shows that a rising trend is coming to an end and a falling trend will begin.


It is necessary to observe an upward trend formation before the formation. Secondly, the left shoulder should form the peak of the rising trend and a slight withdrawal from it should be observed. The heading level (with still being up-trending) should form the summit and there should be a slight recoil and a rise again for right shoulder formation. The lower levels of the two shoulder points, referred to as the neckline along with the fall after the right shoulder, are in support position. For the formation to be valid, the neck line must be broken down with the volume. With this accomplishment, the target point can be calculated by appending the distance between the neck line and the head, down the neck line.


Tutorial forex, forexfx, fx invest, investment, capital, trade, tradefx, trader, capitalforex, money, monetary, earn, exchange, foreign, Shoulder Head Shoulder,Prices start to rally as SHS begins to occur. With a small correction movement following the ascension, the chart
makes a hill and the LEFT SHELL occurs first. Then the ascension continues. The upward movement starts again
with the purchases from the region where the withdrawal
has ended and the prices pass to the level of the left shoulder forming a bigger hill and the HEAD forms. After the head has been formed, prices are withdrawn to support at the first shoulder level. This level of support is called ” Neck Line ”.



With the reception from the neckline, prices move upward for the last time to form the RIGHT OMG. The right shoulder occurs at about the same level as the left shoulder. After the right shoulder is completed, the neck line is broken with the strengthening of the sales, the formation is completed and the ascending trend ends with the shoulder head shoulder formation. It is expected to retreat as long as the neck line and the length of the second hill forming the head by the impact of hard sales after the break.


The neck line is very important in shoulder head shoulder formation. The line of support / resistance to which the formation is approved and the trading profits are given. The neck line is drawn by combining the points on the left shoulder and the head area that support sales. It does not necessarily have to be horizontal, it can also be down or up. The neck line breaks downwards and then goes back to the neckline giving a second opportunity for sale.


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