Forex History – 1

Forex History – 1


The Forex history, which has become very popular with the most transaction volume in recent years and profitable and fast transaction options offered to the investors, is actually quite old …


Forex Market Fundamentals are being Discarded

The exchange of goods with the same value is called clearing. Foreign Exchange – The basis of the Forex market, which comes from the meaning of exchange exchange, came into being in the period when exchange economy was developing for the first time in the world.

Money was invented after a while and the value of the goods was measurable by the value of money, while the exchange economy was valid at a time when a commodity could be obtained by exchanging it with another commodity equivalent to the value of the commodity.

But over time a problem arose. The currency trade between countries has made it necessary for the currencies of the countries to be a value against each other, which has led to the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement.

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