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What are the ways of Stock Exchange Learning?

What are the ways of Stock Exchange Learning?

If you are looking for ways to earn money by evaluating your savings, the stock market can be a good option for you. Yet the idea of ​​investing in the stock market is terrible for many people. The real reason for this is not having much knowledge about it. But if you do some research and learn about the stock market, you can clearly see that everything is not as bad as you think. So what are the ways to learn the stock market?

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Let’s say you do not know a word or an event in a friend’s environment. What do you do? You will never accidentally go into Google from your smartphone and search for information. In this way you get both the French and the extra information. Here is the same way you can follow the stock market. Nowadays you can always use our internet to learn the stock market. When you do some research already, you will see how much information it is.

Without knowing how to do transactions on the Bourse, it is impossible to be successful and you may lose money you have accumulated. For this reason, before investing decision, you should do some research on the stock market. You should learn what the stock market is, what it is not, and decide whether it is appropriate for you. If the stock market is not a place for you anyway, it would be much better to consider other alternatives.

One of the trainings you can find about the stock exchange on the internet is given by intermediary institutions. In other words, books and videos taken by an expert who is connected to a brokerage house will work. You can also learn stock market transactions practically through trial accounts. You can find these trial accounts from both the brokerage houses and from the application stores that are compatible with your smartphone operating system. We recommend you to use trial accounts as well as theoretical information. Moreover, you can benefit from these trainings free of charge. Please free education, read, learn!

You can also find books about the stock market in the bookstores. These books may be both a textbook book and a biography book that addresses the memoirs of famous stockbrokers. Both kinds of books have information you will also learn. If you insist on evaluating your savings in the stock market you should develop yourself by taking advantage of these resources and you should definitely gain experience. You should not trade without having a certain experiment. You should produce your own strategies and perform your transactions without regard for others.

If you want to become a successful stockbroker and earn money, you have to be fully equipped. You must have a solid psychology and move in the direction of your decisions. You should not make a sudden decision, and you should not make much changes in your open positions. You should be knowledgeable about creating and managing your portfolio correctly. However, you should never forget that you will be successful with sound information and psychology.


What is a Parity? How is a Parity Calculated?

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In its simplest terms, the parity refers to the ratio of country currencies. The interest rates of the country currencies and the economic conditions they are in can be counted as factors affecting the parities. For example, in terms of Turkey’s foreign trade balance, EURUSD (Euro Dollar parity) is a big part because of the fact that most of the exports are in Euros and most of the imports are in US dollars.



Euro: 3 TL Dollars: 2 TL and Euro Dollars 3/2 = 1.5. In this case, the Dollar will be 2/3 = 0.66.


An investor who bought EURUSD (long position) will have sold USD in exchange for the EUR bought; sale (Short Position) will make it sell Euro and receive US Dollars.


EURUSD parity (Euro / US Dollar), USDJPY (American Dollar / Yen), GBPUSD parity (Sterling / US Dollar) and AUDUSD (Australian Dollar / US Dollar) are among the top paratels that are traded on Forex markets. In addition to these, the USDTRY parity (US Dollar / Turkish Lira) and EURTRY (Euro / Turkish Lira) are also included in Turkey.


What is Momentum?

What is Momentum?


Tutorial forex, forexfx, fx invest, investment, capital, trade, tradefx, trader, capitalforex, money, monetary, earn, exchange, foreign, Momentum,  parities , momentum indicator, the price movementThe momentum is an oscillator that represents the change in parities over a predetermined period of time. In other words, it is a display that indicates how much the corresponding parity has gained or lost in a specified period of time.


Momentum is a market anomaly that finance theory is difficult to explain. The fact that the price of any financial product is rising does not guarantee that prices will rise in the future. According to the effective market hypothesis, the increase in prices and the changes in demand and demand are determined by new information coming from the financial market.

The momentum indicator is calculated as follows;


Momentum = Last Closing / x Days Previous Closing * 100

Tutorial forex, forexfx, fx invest, investment, capital, trade, tradefx, trader, capitalforex, money, monetary, earn, exchange, foreign, Momentum,  parities , momentum indicator, the price movement

How to interpret the momentum indicator?

The momentum indicator is interpreted in two ways:

Method; it is possible to use it as a trend monitor. When the indicator bottoms up and turns up, AL should make a peak at the indicator, and when it goes down, the SAT should be decided. You should keep in mind that when the momentum indicator has a new peak or dip (compared to the peak and past in the past), the current trend will continue, but the rate of increase in prices slows down and the effects of senescence factors are weaker and prices may begin to fall after a while. Nevertheless, you must change the position of the signal produced by the indicator, waiting for the price movement to confirm it.

For example, the indicator peaked and turned, and you should wait for prices to fall.

The Method Momentum indicator can also function as an indicator of the future. When prices are rising and new peaks are made, the show can not do the new peak or the prices do not bottom out when the new bottom. In this case, incompatibility occurs and it is necessary to evaluate it as an early signal of the trend change.


What is Margin?

What is Margin?

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One of the most used terms in the Forex market, along with terms like leverage, lot, is the margin. Margin is a frequently asked question and is often confused. Margin, which means collateral, is used in the forex market together with different terms. While the amount used when opening a position is called the initial margin (initial margin), we can see how much more we can open the position by looking at the free margin (the free margin).




Margin calculation, in other words margin level, is one of the important points to be considered in the forex market. We find margin level by comparing asset / free margin. When this level reaches below 75%, the margin call-margin call comes in. When the level reaches below 50%, the system automatically closes our positions, starting with the most harmful position. It is not compulsory to provide margin when the margin call warnings are received in Forex markets.



Tutorial forex, forexfx, fx invest, investment, capital, trade, tradefx, trader, capitalforex, money, monetary, earn, exchange, foreign,Margin, MARGIN CALLAs an example, let’s imagine that we have 5,000 USD in our account and we will do our work using 1/100 leverage. We decided to do 5 lot USDTRY long (long) trading. The initial guarantee for this transaction is 5,000 USD. If this is not the case then the free margin will be 0. If we open this position and we do not like the margins, it is 100%.


Now; If the USDTRY price moves in the opposite direction to the position we opened and the margin reaches 75 percent, we call margin completion, which is called margin call. This means that we should follow our position more closely, because if the margin is below 50% we will automatically close our position by the electronic trading platform MetaTrader4.



Tutorial forex, forexfx, fx invest, investment, capital, trade, tradefx, trader, capitalforex, money, monetary, earn, exchange, foreign,Margin, MARGIN CALL

Stop out concept in Forex markets; a situation in which a certain percentage of the collateral used remains. In other words, it can be explained as Asset / Used Collateral. To give an example; Suppose we open a position with a 1,000 USD balance and 1,000 start-ups. In this case, our Asset / Used Margin ratio will be 100%. QNB Finansinvest has a stop out level of 50%. In our example above, if our asset, which is $ 1,000, drops to 500 USD, Asset / Used Margin will be 50%, and our most damaged position will automatically stop.




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The only variable in the analysis methods mentioned above is not the price. The time variable should also be examined extensively. In this context, Fibonacci Sequences can be used in price changes as well as in time intervals. When time intervals are set, the figures in the Fibonacci Series are bases in days, that is, they are divided into trend day intervals of 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34. This analysis is used to determine the duration of the fluctuations.



The Fibonacci Arcs are formed by the reference line drawn at the ceiling level from the trend base level observed by the parity. Fibonacci arcs are called springs that are plotted at the 81.8%, 50% and 38.2% levels of this line.

In the Fibonacci Arcs analysis method, if the price is getting closer to the pedestrian, the support is interpreted as resistance if it approaches from below.



Another use of the Fibonacci Sequence in financial analysis is the Fibonacci Fan Lines.

As we mentioned in other Fibonacci Analyzes, a guide line is drawn on the base and ceiling points in Fibonacci Fans. This guideline should be drawn to the ceiling point of the intermediate trend rather than the main trend.
Fibonacci FAN Analysis is not a straightforward method of analysis. This is because of the increase in the margin of error in volatile markets or periods. For this reason, it is recommended to apply it in more stable stabilized markets.

What is Rectangular Formation?

What is Rectangular Formation?


Rectangular graph formation occurs when prices are touched by both levels for a period of time between support and resistance levels.

These levels of support and resistance can be horizontal, as well as down or up-view channels. What is important here is not that the support and resistance levels are in the form of horizontal or up / down channels; Are parallel to each other.

The formation of the rectangle starts with the price movements rising from the support level, then comes back to the support level again after reaching the level of resistance and then completes by making a movement towards the resistance level again.

Conversely, it is also possible to create a graphic which starts with a withdrawal from the resistance level.  Rectangular graphic formation
occurs  when  the  prices are at  least  twice the level of support and
twice the level of resistance, in other words the formation of at least
four movements.  It is not possible  to talk about the  formation of a
rectangle if the prices move to any side breaking the level of support
or resistance before the completion of the four movements.


The entry point to the position is determined according to which side of the price will break after the completion of the fourth movement. The target price level is the distance between the support-resistance levels that form the rectangle, up or down, from the fracture level.





For example; Egypt had serious pressure on the exchange rate due to the fall of the US dollar to the black market. The rise of the black stock market had serious consequences for Egypt’s domestic production and investments. For this reason, Egypt devalued its currency by 14% against the US dollar in March 2016.


After the devaluation, the Egyptian stock market showed very serious rises, but against it the black market forced the Egyptian central bank to take more precautions. On June 12, 2016, the Egyptian bank once again devalued the value of the Egyptian Pound against the US dollar.


Another example of devaluation is China. China, which is experiencing serious problems with the credit market and economic contraction in 2015, has devastated Reminbi, the local currency. China, repeating this devaluation movement several times over the course of the year, warned China that it intervened with the US on monetary policy instruments on global trade. By devaluing the countries’ currencies, trying to gain advantage in global trade and being advantageous in exports is seen as the main cause of currency wars.


What is devaluation?

What is devaluation?



Devaluation is a monetary policy tool used by countries that implement a fixed exchange rate regime or a semi-fixed exchange rate regime. Devaluation is the reduction of the value of an official currency of an country against other country currencies or against a group of currency values, or at a currency standard. Devaluation is often confused with depression and is exactly the opposite of revaluation.



Devaluation is a tool used by the government or central bank of the fixed country for the relevant currency. One of the most fundamental reasons for devaluation is that the country reduces the value of its money to compensate for trade deficit. Devaluation is to lower the value of currency and to make exports cheaper and become more advantageous in global trade competition. However, imports become more expensive, and domestic households increase demand for products from domestic producers while expecting a reduction in demand for imported products.


Devaluation seems to be a means of positive monetary policy, but there are also negative effects. Making imports more expensive can make domestic production less effective, or making exports cheaper can cause inflation by increasing demand very seriously.




What is Support Resistance?

What is Support Resistance?

 The concepts of support and resistance are not just forex markets, but a concept of technical analysis that is used throughout financial markets. In general, support can be explained as the level at which prices are expected to decline. The persistence of sales in the financial market at support levels is interpreted as the response of buyers at this level. However, it should not be forgotten that in the case of breakdown of important support levels, that is, if downward support points are crossed, sales will accelerate and the support point will become a point of resistance. Breaking a support point does not mean that the support level is below the support level. We can say when a level of support is broken, clearly when it closes below this level. When we look at the historical charts in Forex markets, the first multiplier is the support level where the sales are stopped and the prices can not fall further below this level. At these price levels, the Euro dollar pair has found support, as can be seen from the levels indicated by blue in the chart below. Below you can find examples of euro usd support resistance level.



The concept of resistance can be explained as the level at which the rise in prices is expected to cease. Resistance levels are interpreted as a stop or slow down in the financial situation, the sellers reacting at this level, or making profit realizations. When we look at the historical charts in Forex markets, the first multiplier is the resistance, the places where purchases are stopped and the prices can not go further on this level. However, it should not be forgotten that in the case of breakdown of the major resistance levels, that is to say, if the upward resistance points are crossed, the receptions will accelerate and the resistance point will now become a support point. Breaking a resistance point does not mean that the resistance level is above prices. We can say when a level of resistance is broken, clearly when it closes over this level. When we look at the historical charts in Forex markets, the first multiplier is the resistance, the places where purchases are stopped and the prices are not even higher on this level. At this price level, you will encounter a gold-level resistance level, as shown by the levels indicated by blue in the chart below. Below you can find examples of gold support resistance points.



The positions of support and resistance you will draw on the charts will indicate where you should place your profit taking and loss stop orders. Support and resistance lines do not give you information or direction about the trend. If you have just made a purchase, it will show you where to close that position. If we go through the above example; Gold position and if the prices are rising, the place to meet the first resistance will be the level of 1266 dollars ons. If this level can not be overturned, you can realize part of your position and consider buying again from the support level below (if you think the trend is up).