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What is Moving Average?

What is Moving Average?

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It is an important display used as a moving average trend monitor and is often used in technical analysis. Moving averages show the current direction in a rather, delayed way of showing a way to go where prices go. It is delayed because it is an indicator based on past prices.


Moving averages are used in most of the indicators used in forex markets.

For example; bollinger bands, MACD, and ichimoku.



capital forex, forex, invest, investment, trade, traders, money, monetary, foreign, excahnge, buying, seller, forestfx, average, moving average, calculate average     The moving average is a display that is calculated by taking the average  of prices. Moving averages are accepted as an important indicator in terms of trend follow up. The reason for this is that the moving averages consist of past price movements.  Moving  averages also assist in determining support and resistance points.

For example; The 200-day moving average is heavier than the 20-day moving average and indicates a more delayed forecast. Short-term moving averages are used by short-term traders and long-term moving averages are used by long-term investors.

The 200-day moving average, which is often used by investors, is closely monitored as a significant signal and support resistance level. In some cases, moving averages with more than one time interval are used together to obtain an opinion on the direction of the market

Two types of moving averages are frequently used in Forex markets.

capital forex, forex, invest, investment, trade, traders, money, monetary, foreign, excahnge, buying, seller, forestfx, average, moving average, calculate average

Simple Moving Average: Moving average created by taking the average of price movements of a financial product within the determined period. Simple moving average accounts for closing prices. For example; The 5-day simple moving average is obtained by dividing the 5-day closing prices by 5.


Weighted Moving Average: Moving average of a financial product, calculated by taking the average of the price movements within the determined period according to the determined weights.


Exponential Moving Average: Moving average of a financial product, calculated by taking the average of the price movements in the determined period and giving more weight to the price movements in the near term. Since weighting is performed, the exponential moving average is counted as a moving average with less delay.

As the time spent in moving averages increases, the delay is more frequent.

For example; Looking at the 10-day moving average, the delay is less because it takes into account the more recent prices.

Moving averages, which are common in technical analysis, are more effective when used together.

For example; The 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average produce interlaced technical analysis signals. Generally, the combination of the short-term moving average and the long-term moving average gives better results. The upward-sloping short-term moving average long-term moving average is signaling that prices may move upwards in the short-term. In the literature this “golden cross” is known as “golden cross”. On the contrary, if the short-term moving average cuts down the long-term moving average, it generates a signal that prices can move downward. This “death cross” in the literature is referred to as “dead cross”.


What is the Bear Market?

What is the Bear Market?


The bear market concept is often used not only for forex trading but also for all financial markets (stocks, bond markets). The bear market is called the English bearish market. The bear market is often used when markets are pessimistic and when prices are expected to trend down for a long time. To say that a financial product has entered the bear market, the main trend must first be downward (downward trend). However, if there is a 20% downward movement from the previous peak level.


While there is no general consensus about how long the bear market will last, it is expected that prices will continue to fall for a long time. Demand for products on a market under the bear market is declining. Because demand is decreasing, nobody wants to buy those products and prices continue to fall.


The bull market, on the contrary of the bear market, shows that the related market will be on the rising trend for a long time and that the demand for the products in that market is increasing.


The gold bear market indicates that gold prices will remain low for a long time, prices are showing a downward trend and this trend will continue. The stock market also indicates that the stock market index will stay low for a long time, the prices of stocks are showing a downward trend and this tendency will continue.


If gold prices were to be taken as an example, the bull market was experiencing a rising trend from the beginning of 2000s to the end of 2011 for a long time. However, in the middle of 2013, 2011 peak price level of 1900 dollars ounce of the level of 1500 ounces fell below. There was a decrease of about 30% from the previous peak level and gold prices were officially under the influence of the bull market.


What is CMB License? The Importance of Transactions with Brokerage Institutions which are CMB Documents

What is CMB License? The Importance of Transactions with Brokerage Institutions which are CMB Documents


The Capital Markets Board is a supervisory body that exercises its authority established under the Capital Markets Law independently under its own responsibility.

Capital Markets Board; Has introduced new regulations to regulate and audit the forex market. The reason for the need for such arrangements; The fact that most of the institutions that provide services for investing have their headquarters abroad and that the necessary controls can be made. The investors have lost money in large quantities after the transactions they have opened due to insufficient examination in this market.


What is the CMB license?

The brokerage houses that want to appeal to the forex investor in this arrangement need to obtain the CMB document. The way to obtain the CMB license also requires compliance with the rules and regulations approved by the CMB. The leverage ratio has been fixed in the counter trades.

Companies that are not included in the regulation and are not licensed by the CMB are attracted to their attention with the high rate of unemployment they provide to the investors, but even if the investors gain profits, the money obtained from the forex brokerage institutions which are not subject to legal regulations can be restored They may have problems getting it.

Foreign exchange transactions require a great deal of knowledge and experience because there are many factors that affect the value of currencies. Because the transactions are carried out on platforms, the problems that may arise in the circumstances where the brokerage houses are not subject to statutory audits can prevent them from reaching the investors’ capitals.

Leveraged trading transactions (forex transactions) can only be performed by organizations authorized by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and certified by CMB. Thus, if the investor who deals with a forex brokerage firm approved by the CMB is a victim, he may apply to the CMB.

In addition, the forex brokerage house, which owns the CMB document under this arrangement, is subject to having a certain capital power and information processing infrastructure. This makes forex companies more reliable in terms of forex investors. The Board is also able to protect investors of their own country against the risky Forex market by introducing restrictions on leverage rates that brokerage houses can offer and the ads they can publish.


Forex Companies

Forex Companies

As is the case on the stock exchange market, you can also perform transactions on the forex market by intermediary institutions. But forex companies are much different than stock brokerage firms. Forex companies are building links with the market. Borsada has many relativities as well as conveying your orders to the market.

As a result of the inspections brought to the Forex market in 2011, brokerage houses started to be audited and fraudsters who introduced themselves as brokerage houses were cut off. Forex companies have become more reliable as a result of supervision and provide investors with the best investment experience. At the same time, it began to be offered in services such as informing investors.

Which Features Should be Seen in Reliable Forex Companies?

In order to be able to mediate Forex transactions, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of authority from the Capital Markets Board. While you are looking for the best forex broker for your company, please consider the license status of the relevant company.

The number of forex brokerage institutions servicing over the platforms that are registered to the CMB and easy to use is increasing day by day. We are testing these trading platforms and customer service of brokerage houses for you investors. Reports prepared in line with our findings will help you find an intermediary institution audited by CMB. From the best forex companies you can read the reviews we have prepared to choose the one that suits you.