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In ancient times it meant money and property lent against interest.

Irving Fisher defined capital stock as the amount of economic value to which the individual and community have access to benefit.

Capital in the sense of success is all kinds of goods and parables that can be exploited to obtain profit.

There are economists who do not consider profitable and non-revenueable goods as capital. There are always cases where a gold deposit or a book of art can lead to a higher appreciation over time than bank deposits or bond interest, and the ability to operate the assets subject to arbitration also provides them with the potential of capital.

According to Bohm-Bawerk, it is appropriate to legally and technically double discriminate according to the characters of the capital. The concept of legal capital includes all kinds of movable and immovable assets that benefit from the right of ownership. Technical capital is the production factor.

Technical capital is divided into fixed and variable (variable).

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legal laying / e, technical capital, fixed capital, revolving capital, stationary assets, capital goods).


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